AndroGel® is a testosterone gel to treat men with a deficiency or absence of testosterone. Low testosterone levels are linked with low interest in sex, impotence, reduced lean body mass, decreased bone density and lowered mood and energy levels.

Clinical studies have shown that a once-daily application of AndroGel® raised circulating testosterone levels into the normal range and maintained these levels. AndroGel® restores the testosterone to desirable levels and may increase sex drive, improve bone mineral density, and lean body mass and reduce fatigue in men with low levels of testosterone. The product is marketed by Solvay

Pharmaceuticals in the US and Canada and is our fastest growing product there, making continuous surges forward in the last few years. AndroGel® received a new patent in the US valid until 2020.

Our recently signed agreement with the French pharmaceutical company Besins International has given us rights to additional territories including Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. This agreement also covers the co-marketing of AndroGel® in Italy and Turkey.

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