Duphalac®, the effective and well-tolerated laxative with positive long-term benefits, is the world’s market leading lactulose for the treatment of constipation.
Lactulose is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates. They stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria of the intestinal flora. Lactulose is one of the best-studied of the unabsorbable carbohydrates.
Duphalac® helps restore normal digestion in a safe and gentle way. Duphalac® contains lactulose as its active substance, a special sugar which is obtained from milk, but which should nevertheless not to be confused with the milk sugar lactose! Lactulose cannot be utilised by the human body, which makes it also suitable for diabetics. In contrast to milk sugar (lactose), lactulose triggers no hunger pangs and doesn’t lead to weight gains.

Duphalac® also has proven benefits in certain serious liver conditions. Continued clinical research indicates that Duphalac® may have several other beneficial effects. Recent studies have shown that lactulose may lower the cholesterol level in plasma and bile. Additional studies will follow to investigate this further. Solvay Pharmaceuticals owns the world’s largest production center for lactulose.

Approximately one out of four adults in our society suffers from constipation. In most cases, constipation is a functional disorder – meaning that the bowel is essentially healthy, but simply not working in an optimal manner – and not the sign of a serious organic illness.
Constipation is only to be found among people who ‘need to use the facilities’ less often than once every three days. These people have stools which are generally hard and low in volume. Often evacuation can only be achieved by hard pressing, which is then often painful. Those experiencing this frequently have a sensation of incomplete evacuation.

A person suffers when digestion doesn’t function properly, because having a belly which feels heavy, full and bloated will lead to a general feeling of not being well. On top of that, constipation can also promote the development of haemorrhoids – enlarged blood vessels resembling varicose veins in the area of the anus – which can under certain circumstances result in considerable physical problems.

Temporary constipation can arise as a result of certain situations – e.g. travel or particularly hectic or stressful times – and last for hours, a few days or even weeks. Such cases are considered acute constipation. If the constipation lasts longer than three months, doctors refer to it as chronic obstipation.
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