Solvay Pharmaceuticals global marketing takes care of portfolio management, develops and implements global product strategies and defines product objectives. Optimalization of existing products can be realized by developing new administration forms or by doing research for new indications.

Our global marketing strategies, which are developed in our office in Hanover (Germany) are tailored to local culture and standards by our individual country managements. In most countries we have established our own marketing and sales organizations. Solvay Pharmaceuticals effectively supports its operational tasks. Geographic expansion is one of our drivers of growth. Everywhere where our key products will be appreciated and used willingly by needy doctors and patients we aim to be present.

In recent years our sales organization in the US has grown very rapidly and now is a major contributor to sales. The Japanese national sales organization also has been growing fast and we have established a fully-owned subsidiary there: Solvay Seiyaku. We are expanding into Central and Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, India and the Far East. In Latin America we installed our second operational base in Mexico, after Brazil a few years ago. Our total sales force counts over 4,000 people.


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