Manufacturing centers of excellence

Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients is concentrated in our plants in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Canada.

The strategy of creating “centers of excellence”, having all necessary means to produce, maintain and improve the manufacturing process and of specializing the role of each company facility continues. We are focusing not only on improving the production processes in the plants for our active pharmaceutical ingredients but also on our formulation plants. The environment in which our global pharmaceutical manufacturing takes place is changing. The pressure from regulatory authorities all over the world is relentlessly upwards, to ever higher standards and norms. And we contribute to it ourselves by moving away from locally important products supplied from local manufacturing facilities, towards ever more global products supplied from a few centres to many markets.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Within the industry it is imperative that manufacturing facilities meet regulatory requirements and are approved on the basis of current “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP). It is Solvay’s policy that all plants conform with the highest standards, are technologically advanced and utilize state-of-the-art equipment. The upgrading of the companies’ manufacturing facilities is a continuous process.

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