A way of bringing industry and society closer together

“Sustainable development will be most likely – and will be achieved at the lowest overall cost to the economy – in those societies where there are the highest levels of trust and other forms of ‘social capital’.” (Sustainability / UNEP, 1996)

Industry often presents its options as dictated by technological and economic constraints. All too often, communication – which implies dialogue with all parties – is neglected.

The chemical industry’s “Responsible Care” commitment demonstrates its concern to contribute to the earth’s sustainable development by setting ecoefficiency targets to improve the manufacture and use of products.
What it must now do is explain and share its commitments, targets and achievements with the various social partners. The ensuing dialogue will foster better mutual understanding and increased trust, and enable us to meet future challenges together.

Open and continuous dialogue is a prerequisite for dealing with environmental issues. The stakes are high, yet priorities are difficult to define. As everyone has a right to understand the choices made, increasingly complex information must be shared and analyzed from all perspectives. The information on this Internet site, and the many environmental reports published by the Solvay Group, its regional offices and subsidiaries, is intended to build a common baseline for dialogue.

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