Soil protection

Protecting soils against infiltration of contaminants is essential, as is remediation of soils, to ensure the sustainability of groundwater.

Oxygenation of soils

To treat soils contaminated with chlorinated organic substances, the provision of oxygen in the form of hydrogen peroxide encourages natural biodegradation by stimulating the soil’s depolluting bacteria.

Restoring cracked sewersGroundwater pollution is often caused by infiltration of effluent from old and cracked sewers. This can be remedied without excavation by lining the inside of sewers with a flexible sleeve of Solvay polyethylene.

Soil protection membranes

Solvay’s Processing subsidiaries manufacture and sell PVC and polyethylene plastic membrane systems designed to provide an impermeable base for landfill sites and protect the soil under gas stations, oil refineries and freeways, etc. from infiltration by pollutants. One example is the Solvay (Alkor) membrane under the grass of the Stade de France.

Saving water and protecting the groundwater under crops

In agriculture and horticulture, farmers can use plastic sheeting made of ELTEX® polyethylene laid directly on the ground. These offer many advantages: retaining the sun’s heat, saving water and fertilizers, preventing weeds and reducing infiltration into the groundwater. Watertight sheets are used in rice-growing, to retain water in the rice fields.

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