Protecting the atmosphere

    • Purification of acid fumes are integrated management is developing.
      The Neutrec process is a dry process to depollute and neutralize gaseous effluent. It can be applied to thermal power stations, incinerators for domestic or special industrial waste, tire destruction plants, aluminum, copper and lead recycling facilities, brick, ceramic and glass furnaces, district heating facilities, asbestos vitrification plants, cement furnaces, pig slurry pyrolysis units, etc.
    • The picking of stainless steel produces nitrous fumes.
    • * Neutrec has been incorprated into 24 new installations. In total, over 60 installations in seven European countries treat their acid emission this way.* Solvay has shown that it is possible to recycle the greater part of residues from purification. This recycling has been carried out in Italy since 1998, in a unit able to process 2,800 tonnes/year. A facility with an annual capacity of 50000 tonnes is being planned for France.
      Research on integrated management of incinerator gas cleaning by Neutrec®: from one tonne of waste processed, only 2 kg of final waste are landfilled.
    • The Solvay “NOx suppression” process limits emissions of nitrous fumes from the pickling of stainless steel in nitric acid.
      These emissions can also be avoided by means of a process which uses hydrogen peroxide as the pickle.

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