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From Plastics to Finished Products

Solvay companies’ experience in plastics production gives the Group an advantage in the plastics processing sector and the chance to offer its customers the best possible service.

The Group now leads the field in plastics processing.

Besides the “conventional” shaping techniques of extrusion, injection, coating, extrusion blow molding, calendering, etc., Solvay companies have mastered such sophisticated technologies as coextrusion, biaxial orienting and the fusible core method. This is backed up by expertise in finishing techniques (printing, graining, adhesive coating, metallization and fluorination).

In addition, a sound understanding of the market has enabled Solvay’s operations to optimize their resin development activities and expand their outlets.

1999 sales breakdown by main product families (in %) 1999 processing sales: EUR 1,494 M (USD 1,501 M)

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