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Technology: VINYLOOPTM

Custom-made Materials

The plastics sector is highly diversified, with markets developing on all five continents. Solvay companies not only lead the world in the manufacture of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), but are also in the top division for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and produce both polypropylene (PP) and many specialty polymers.

Each of these plastics contains a diverse assortment of materials. Polymerization techniques and additives (plasticizers, pigments, fillers, etc.) can multiply the properties of a single polymer (flow, mechanical strength, etc.).

After use, these plastics can be recycled or their energy value recovered by clean incineration.

The know-how we have acquired in the field of plastics enables us to produce custom-made formulations in line with developments in processing technology and consumer quality requirements.

1999 sales breakdown by main product families (in %) 1999 plastics sales: EUR 2,624 M (USD 2,636 M)

Polyolefins 57%
Vinyls 32%
PVC compounds 6%
Speciality polymers 5%




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