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The development in this sector builds upon extensive research focused on treatments for which the Group has a scientific and competitive edge. Know-how is concentrated and developed in the fields of psychiatry, gastroenterology, gynecology, cardiology.

The Solvay health companies are currently among the top 50 pharmaceuticals organizations in the world.

The expansion of Solvay’s pharmaceuticals products is the result of a generous research budget which in 1999 accounted for 66% of the Group’s total EUR 345 million (USD 347 million) expenditure on research.

All the production plants are approved and operate under good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

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1999 sales breakdown by therapeutic area (in %)

1999 pharmaceuticals sales: EUR 1,349 M (USD 1,355 M)

Geographic breakdown of sales in 1999 (in %)

European Union 44 %
Other European countries 10 %
Nafta 38 %
Mercosur < 1 %
Africa – Middle-East 4%
Asia-Pacific (including Japan) 4%


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