Board of Directors

Chairman Baron Daniel Janssen
Directors Alos Michielsen
Ren Degreve
Jrgen Ernst
Jean-Jacques Van de Berg (until 5/6/2000)
Pierre Casimir-Lambert
Baron Hubert de Wangen
Viscount Etienne Davignon
Hilmar Kopper
Baron Jos del Marmol
Jean-Marie Solvay
Chevalier Guy de Selliers de Moranville
Edouard de Royere
Kenneth Minton
Denis Solvay
Nicolas Bol
Honorary Chairmen Mr. Solvay
Yves Bol

Executive Committee

Chairman Alos Michielsen
Members Ren Degreve
Jrgen Ernst
Jean Christiaens (until 29/2/2000)
Christian Jourquin
Henri Lefebvre
Bernard de Laguiche
Luigi Belli
Jacques van Rijckevorsel (from 1/3/2000)



External Auditors

Andr Hoste
Marcel van Acoleyen (substitute)


General Managers

Jrgen Ernst Pharmaceuticals
Jean Christiaens (until 29/2/2000)
Christian Jourquin (from1/3/2000)
Henri Lefebvre Plastics
Christian Jourquin (until 29/2/2000)
Jacques van Rijckevorsel (from1/3/2000)
Ren Degreve Finance and Corporate Planning
Luigi Belli and
Alfred Hoffait
Research and Technology
Jacques Levy-Morelle Corporate Secretary and Legal Department
Pierre Fortpied Human Resources


Jacques Van Bost Benelux and Organisational Development and Total Quality Management
Georges Theys France and Italy
Marc Duhem Spain and Portugal
Jacques Thoelen Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Jean-Pierre Lapage Brazil and Argentina
Whitson Sadler United States, Canada and Mexico
Sergio Sardano (until 21/12/1999)
Christian de Sloover (from 1/1/2000)

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