In keeping with Ernest Solvay’s passion for progress without frontiers, we would like to welcome you to the Solvay Group’s website.It contains extensive information on the products we make, the markets we sell them to, our business strategy for the future, and our environmental policy and procedures.

It should therefore be of interest to a wide range of people from current customers and shareholders to anyone with a vibrant curiosity.If you know nothing about the Solvay Group, we suggest you start with the ‘Solvay Group at a glance’ section.The ‘Contents of the Website’ is a useful tool for everyone to get a glimpse of all the information available here.

… I have always sought to serve science, because I love science and see it as a promise of progress for humanity.

Ernest Solvay, in a speech in Brussels,
14 December 1893

Solvay Group at a glance


Press Release [version française] – [Nederlandse versie]

[version française] ( 329 KB)

Powerpoint presentation ( 268 KB)

  • 13% increase in Sales
  • Net current earnings per share (EPS) : 5.20 EUR up 2.4%
  • Net current earnings : 433 EUR million, up 2%
  • Record cash flow of nearly 1 billion EUR

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