Markets and Customers
14 Markets Served by 4 Sectors


Solvay products : a constant, albeit often unseen, presence in our daily lives. In health care, food, clothes, the home, transportation and communications, they meet the most diverse needs of a civilization in search of ever greater progress.

Some 160000 customers buy directly from Solvay companies. And thousands more buy the goods those customers manufacture from our products. In each of Solvay’s 13 customer markets, the four sectors combine their know-how to supply a full range of leading-edge products.

Faced with constant pressure from competitors and the changing needs of the market, the marketing and research teams at Solvay seek to identify the precise requirements of the customer in order to develop, together, a product which will meet consumer expectations. Expectations that include performance, reliability, attractiveness and low cost, as a matter of course.

The Group’s aim is to work in ever closer tandem with its customers, to be a first-rate partner they can rely on. The key is the Total Quality Management process, to which it is fully committed.




% of Total Sales

1 Human Health

18 %

2 Building and Civil Engineering

17 %

3 Automotive Industry

12 %

4 Consumer goods

10 %

5 Packaging

7 %

6 Glass manufacture

7 %

7 Chemical industry

7 %

8 Detergents, Cleaning and Hygiene Products

4 %

9 Paper

2 %

10 Electricity and Electronics

2 %

11 Water Treatment and the Environment

3 %

12 Food Industry

2 %

12 Other Industries

9 %

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