People are the basis of our success.
It is essential to us that our employees have the opportunity to develop their full potential. We delegate authority and responsibility as far as possible in order to create a lean, participative and entrepreneurial organization that is highly responsive to the market.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals pays much attention to the potential for internal growth of its employees. We use a special mobility system for this purpose, which allows people to move upwards in the organization, as well as widen their expertise through horizontal moves. Working at Solvay Pharmaceuticals means working in multidisciplinary project teams. In work, as in life, people often achieve their best results when working together towards a common goal.

We are especially interested in: physicians, pharmaceuticals sales and marketing managers, chemical and biological analysts, chemical and laboratory assistants, pharmacists, registration specialists and administrators. We also frequently have vacancies for process operators, technologists, engineers, experts in logistics, and maintenance engineers.

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