With our excellent position and reputation in Europe and our growing presence in the US and the Far East, we consider ourselves a preferred partner for alliances, licensing products, or for assistance in development, regulatory and marketing matters. We have alliances with highly skilled partners, like Wyeth, Lundbeck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Quintiles, Zentaris, Hormos, Novozymes and Innogenetics.

We expand by acquiring products or product-lines when significant synergy can be expected. We search actively for products and research projects that complement and enrich our portfolio. We are looking for products that fit into our therapeutic areas and that could be available in major geographic areas and countries where we have a strong presence, such as Europe and the US. Products that have not yet been registered but are in the later stages of clinical development phase III are considered if we can launch them in the United States and/or Europe. We only consider products that are compatible with our existing expertise, where we have strengths to offer.

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