Solvay Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing sectors within the Solvay Group, a leading chemical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The Group was founded in 1863 by Ernest Solvay. Today, the Solvay Group operates through more than 400 facilities in 50 countries. Solvay’s 30.000 employees each day are striving to satisfy 160.000 customers.

Solvay’s strategy rests on two key principles:

  • Reinforcing its market leadership and global position in all activities through innovation and competitiveness.
  • Faster growth in Pharmaceuticals and in Specialty products from its other sectors: Chemicals and Plastics. These activities are characterized by high returns, strong growth and extensive research and development content. About two-thirds of the Group’s profits are today derived from pharmaceuticals and specialties, compared with less than one third in 1995.

Solvay conducts its activities in a way that balances respect for the environment and economic and social development that is sustainable in the long term.

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  1. Total 2004 Sales=EUR 7,877 M, including also “discontinuing operations” for EUR 67M
  2. Total 2004 REBIT=EUR 789 M, including also “discontinuing operations” and “non allocated items”, respectively EUR 25 M and EUR -49 M

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