Our Mission
Building on our scientific, technical and commercial expertise, we responsibly
provide innovative products and services related to human health to create ever-increasing value to our patients, shareholders and employees.

Our Vision
Solvay Pharmaceuticals is an independent and ethical global industrial group with a balanced portfolio of sustainable profitable and growing businesses under careful environmental management :

  • Amongst the world leaders in selected markets and products either alone or with sound complementary business partners.
  • Valued by its customers as a highly competent, reliable and competitive solution provider.
  • With a clear, motivating organization, developing and empowering people and teams through rewarding and challenging jobs.
  • Acting as good corporate citizens, caring for the health, safety and environment of their employees and of the community at large.

Our Values
We firmly believe in:

  • customer care;
  • ethical behavior;
  • respect for people;
  • empowerment;
  • teamwork.

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